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Animal Connect Healing

Animals generally communicate using four methods: visual, auditory, tactile and chemical. Some species rely more on one form of communication over another; however, they have various methods to show affection, ward off threats or attract a mate. If you are struggling with an issue your pet may be experiencing, or need clarification, I can assist in the connection between and your beloved animal. In this session, I will mix ThetaHealing® with reiki to create a connection and an energetic healing. You will feel a stronger bond and more love for your pet. This will create more patience and understanding for their needs and concerns.  A new awareness will arise to understand their inner world that you would not have been able to otherwise glimpse.

Prep for the session: Have your specific questions and concerns ready to ask your pet. It is extremely important that you come with an open mind, so we can get clear communication with your pet , and any concerns are easily expressed.  Animal communication can interpret the thoughts, feelings, opinions, and needs of your beloved animal companion, no matter what they might be, and you might be surprised with what your pet has to say.

If you purchase a 3 pack (SAVE$25) or a 6 pack (SAVE$50), please email to book your sessions.