Gemstone Collection~ Tibetan Om Calendar Wheel Necklace

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This  TIBETAN OM CALENDAR WHEEL can be worn alone or layered with some of our other amazing pieces. This is authentic Tibetan pendant is sterling silver plated over brass and adorned with a solid 925 sterling silver 22 inch chain. This TIBETAN OM CALENDAR WHEEL is authentic. This piece is handmade by local Tibetan artisans. For more information please email tiffany@aweststylestory. 

During the time of the Yarlung Dynasty - the Tibetan years were named after the 12 animals common for the Chinese zodiac. The month were named according to the four seasons of a year and the year started in summer.

Each Tibetan year is associated with an animal and an element
Animals have the following order:

Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Ape, Bird, Dog, Pig, Mouse, Bull, & Tiger

Elements have the following order:

Fire Earth Iron Water Wood

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Size: Approx 50 mm height x 44 mm wide round 

Weight: 21 g