Heliodor from Ukraine

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Phenomenal etched Heliodor

Locality: Pocket No 521, Mine No 2, Depth 96 meters, Volyn Deposit, Zhytomur Region, Ukraine

Measurements: Approximately 2" x 1 12/16 x 1 5/16", weighs 34.3 grams

Words cannot describe the energy and beauty of these magical crystals! I purchased this specimen DIRECT from the family that mined it-who live in Ukraine. From the mine (where it has been held for over 1 BILLION years) into the caring hands of a family in Ukraine, to me. I am completely honored, and humbled, to have this rare beauty in my care-and to offer it up for adoption for whom it is meant to be with <3

Attributes: Hydrothermal Etched. *To learn about these attributes, reference our Encyclopedia

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Crystal Buddy System: Adopt more than one crystal in a single order, and receive a small "Thank You" refund <3

Heliodor from Ukraine are amongst the rarest, and most desirable, due to their clarity, natural etchings, and vibrancy in color. Specimens from this region are said to be dated over 1.2 BILLION years old. Imagine holding a piece of history, in the palm of your hand! Completely ethereal.

A crystal of golden light, Heliodor radiates the warmth and power of sunshine, the illumination of higher thought, and a centered, more vibrant physical well-being. Its name literally translates from the Greek as a gift of the sun.

Heliodor invokes the celestial Golden Ray of knowledge and learning, to stimulate the higher mind and enable the brain to function more efficiently. It is a stone of true nobility and selfless leadership, and allows one to make decisions based on wisdom instead of emotion or reaction. [Ahsian, 188]

Yang in nature, Heliodor helps one develop aspects of the male virtues – assertiveness, self-confidence, physical and mental strength, benevolence and power. These traits serve both men and women. [Simmons, 188]