Moti fresh water Pearl Mala 108 or strand of pearls

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Natural Freshwater Pearl beads 8mm round Pearls 108 beads was delicately handmade by the artist Tiffany Farley. This piece holds the ultimate symbol for wisdom. Pearls are valued for their calming effects, representing serenity, while being able to strengthen valuable relationships and convey a sense of safety. Pearls also symbolize purity, as well as integrity and loyalty. Wealthy women in medieval Europe enjoyed pearls as a portrayal of authority symbolizing you were a person of great wealth and importance. The legend is that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love for Marc Antony. Pearls are also believed to signify innocence and faith. Practitioners use pearls to enhance personal integrity, bring truth forward, grow sincerity, inhibit immodest behavior and advance in wisdom.Though classified as a gemstone, pearls are extremely unique, largely due to the fact that they are the only gem material formed and found within a living creature. Pearl is associated with the Planet moon, which signifies your mind. One who wears Moti (Pearl) Mala enjoys good fortune.

Description: Mala made with round beads 8mm, 108 beads, single knotted Pearls with silk thread. (can be adorned with or without a tassel).

*  The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic tradition. Malas or Japa beads come in a string of 108 and are used for devotional meditation, mantra and prayer. With each bead a mantra or prayer is repeated to meet a total of 108.

*Each Exclusive Jewelry piece made by the artist and Reiki Master Tiffany Farley as a one of a kind piece. It is infused with Reiki energy to give strength and protection to the lucky wearer.