MOON & JAI ~ The Absolute Abundance Bundle

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Manifest absolute abundance and lasting prosperity.
This bundle consists of 3 ritual kits: MANIFEST, PROSPERITY, and BALANCE. It also includes a crystal accessory pendulum of the universe's choice (through our intuition). Use it to strengthen your intuition so you can take the inspired action that will lead to your manifestations.

Use the manifest and prosperity kit to aid you in becoming an energetic match to and for attracting money and other things that make you feel abundant. Allow the balance kit to lock in the vibration of all that you have manifested.

Each kit with its own unique crystal aligned with the quality you wish to bring forth.
More details included below:


Manifest: Labradorite - the crystal of manifestation, linking the conscious and subconscious

Prosperity:  Raw Citrine and Green Calcite - attracts wealth, success in new ventures and (green calcite) helps dissolve old beliefs

Balance: Blue Calcite - helps facilitate calm, clear communication, intuition and a sense of centeredness.

They also include Sage, Palo Santo, cleansing Selenite, amplifying Clear Quartz, and a scroll containing crystal benefits, care instructions and guidance on establishing your practice.

~Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
~The healing crystals in each kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.


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