Crow Collective

Who We Are:

Cultures around the world have imbued the crow with great spiritual significance - of being a seeker, a prophet, a shapeshifting traveler and a messenger.


Crow Collective designs versatile wardrobe essentials for urban nomads, inspired by a life of movement and transformation. Our clothing is made in Brooklyn, NY with clean, modern cuts and an aesthetic that can be dressed up, dressed down, and rocked out however you feel day or night. Whether you’re running through the streets of NYC or running across a deserted beach, Crow Collective clothing is made for the journey of the present moment...wherever you find yourself.

We believe that personal style isn’t about a look - it’s about a feeling you have when you follow your gut and go with your own flow. It’s about intuition and individuality. Trends come and go. Your journey takes you from place to place, sometimes by the seat of your pants. The world throws you curveballs, obstacles, moments of hesitation and uncertainty. To FEEL FREE is a personal choice - to trust yourself and to choose your own path, to feel comfortable in your own skin. FEEL FREE is a mantra, a philosophy, a reminder, and a practice of self-awareness and self-respect.

We encourage you to be fearless -  in the clothes you wear, in the things you do, and in the directions you choose to go.



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