The Moonchild Tarot Shadow Edition by Danielle Noel

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Introducing the Shadow edition of The Moonchild Tarot. This forthcoming deck is a beloved celebration of the original, with some added revisions and a brand new box.

Welcome to the Shadow edition of The Moonchild Tarot. This forthcoming deck is now in production and will be released in the spring of 2023. 

I've been wanting to share this deck for so many years now, ever since the first Moonchild edition was made - with its colorful images and white moon box. I knew the shadow version would be the next iteration, as a beautiful, twilight mirror to its brighter counterpart. 

The Shadow edition is an homage to ancient portals, shadow work, and antiquated dreamscapes that feel sacred and inviting. The muted tones and powerful keys are shared to help inspire your own exploration of the Tarot, taking you on a visual journey into the great mysteries. 

More cards are going to be revealed as we near the release date, so please feel free to check in and sign up to my newsletter to receive my usual updates. 

 What's included with this new deck:

❥ The same two-piece box with its usual size

❥ A soft, rose petal box finish 

❥ A soft, rose petal cardstock finish

❥ Metallic gilding (I am still trying out samples right now, so the official colour is still going to be revealed, but it's definitely going to be a lush, dark tone)

❥ 81 cards

❥ A full-length, full-colour guidebook, filled with Tarot spreads, rituals, and supportive descriptions for each card

❥ And more!

*This special deck sells out very quickly, I usually ship all orders within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take a 5-10 business days, due to the high demand. 

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