Ocean Dreams Oracle + The Goddess Journal + Palo Santo Kit

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Ocean Dreams Oracle + The Goddess Journal Set + Palo Santo Kit


  • Ocean Dreams Oracle (REG. $65)
  • The Goddess Journal (REG. $50)
  • Palo Santo + Crystal Bundled Box $18.50

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The timeless wisdom of the Ocean combined with the soothing imagery of this activating deck will encourage and inspire you, enabling you to forge a deeper connection with your own inner waters.Each card is steeped in healing energies and gentle whispers of the sea, to help you explore the sweet mysteries of your oceanic heart. When you connect with the Ocean, you tap into a vast reservoir of ancient knowledge and Divine Feminine magic. This is also a purifying, transformative force that allows you to enhance your creativity and intuition, and enrich your life.Whether you are an earthly mermaid, a Lemurian soul, or a curious seeker, this deck invites you into its vibrant portals and messages - to color your senses and nurture your inner reflections.The included guidebook also serves as a helpful touchstone and anchor for all 56 cards and shares oracle spreads, water rituals, and more. Reconnect with your vitality, bliss and sensual nature.Dive into this mystical world, open your heart and imagination, and explore the transmutational powers of the sea.

Each deck includes:
  • A full-length, full-color guidebook.
  • Shimmering turquoise gilding.
  • 56 cards printed on smooth, velvety card stock that feels wonderful to shuffle.
  • A magnetic box.
The first shipment dates will commence this spring, and I will have more news on their official release as we get closer to the big day. Updates will be sent to everyone who pre-orders! OceanKin's mission is to spread awareness and provide education on the realities that our oceans and sharks are faced with each day. Together, they are creating a better future for sharks and the health, longevity and protection of the oceans.