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See what people are saying …

Happy Tarot Customer: 

I just got my Moonchild tarot deck! Man that's a powerful deck! Blew away my expectations! It's absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for the thank you letter and the Palo santo that smells amazing! I love my lil crystal and third eye necklace which will really come in handy with working with Moonchild tarot. You have been more than kind to me! Hopefully, I'll be back soon for more goodies!!:)

Happy Tarot Customer: 

First - I need to say that I worked with two decks today and they BLEW MY MIND with the accuracy and insight.  I did a three card spread with the Moonchild Shadow deck and the Soul Spiral spread with the Ocean Dreams Oracle deck.  I cannot wait to see what the journey with these deck brings! 

Happy Tarot Customer: 

Good afternoon, 
Thank you so much for taking time and sharing this helpful information with me. I received my package this morning and I am very impressed with quality of the cards and details. Very beautiful and unique artwork. Can’t wait to use this deck for monthly spreads for myself and customers. 5⭐
Best Intentions, thanks for inspiring! Lizza

Happy Mexican Blanket Customer: 

Thank you! I've seen you at the OB farmer's market. I have one of your blankets and my mom bought a few for her and her friends. We absolutely love them and love your energy!


Happy Tarot Customer: 

I want to let you know that ever since I purchased the deck from you over the weekend- my tarot decks (I collect them!) have been cleared out of negative vibrations and psychically I feel cleared!!!!!!!!  Thank you!  May you experience many blessings and miracles in this life. 


Happy Mexican Blanket Customer: 

HI Tiffany,

Thank you so much for this information.  I love water (lakes, oceans, rivers) so this is especially meaningful to me.  I received the blanket today - it is gorgeous!!!  The color is perfect.   Thank you so much for everything!

Happy Tarot Customer: 

It's really refreshing that you take such great care in working with your customers personally 🤗 It's always something worth appreciating and abundantly lacking these days.


Happy Tarot Customer: 

No worries and thank you so much, it's an absolutely gorgeous deck and great customer service🙏🏼 

I wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my order of the Moonchild Tarot deck! It arrived quickly and I have been so pleased with how incredible this deck is! The artwork is amazing and I can’t wait to start using them! I have been spending some time getting to know the cards and you can just feel how powerful each and every single card is! Thank you also for the sweet little surprise! It smells divine!

Allie T.

Happy Tarot Deck Customer: 

Thank you so much Tiffany! The tarot deck has already been an immense help and source of healing for me. Have a great Sunday!

Courtney M.

Happy Mexican Blanket Customer: 

Tiffany I wanted to let you know that the blanket got delivered sooner than expected and it is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas.


Happy Tarot Deck Customer: 

I got the cards! Thank you so much for following through with the order, the deck looks really good. And I appreciate the gifted cheat sheet too. Hope you have a good holiday season!


Happy Tarot Deck Customer: 

What a beautiful deck. You have a great energy about you, as well as your business. I will definitely be reaching out once I have more solid plans in place! -K

Jess L.

Happy Tarot Deck Customer:

This is my first deck by Danielle Noel. I've been reading tarot for about 6 years and like you I really don't need the cards but I really like using them to create a visual for the story they I see in my mind, it helps me better put into words the energies I'm picking up on, so I love finding new decks with beautiful artwork that are visually appealing or interesting to look at. I have a feeling I'll be back for more of her decks and her journals look stunning. 

My goal for this new year is to start doing readings for people other than just friends and family, something I've longed to do for quite some time. Even though I've always been told how accurate and insightful my reading are, I've let self doubt keep me from branching out and so I've decided this year I'm going to follow the lead of The Fool and just go for it, so your email hit home when you say "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take..." So thank you, because that just reinforced that this is something I just need to take that leap of faith on! 

Have a wonderful week! 🌻


Happy Yoga Mat Customer: 

Hi Tiffany-

Thank you for your message. The Teeki mat is the best mat I have ever used. I have two previously that I ordered from Teeki directly when they came out. I was delighted to find another one. They are truly special and make such a difference in my practice. The mat will be in good hands and well loved and respected. I hope that you are able to create more in the future. The mats are so special.The 2 mats that I have used made such a difference to my practice. They caught the attention of everyone at my studio (I practice the 26 and 2 series formerly known as Bikram). My husband used my old mat when he started practicing and he can't do without it. What a relief that you'll continue to create these mats. They're truly the best in the universe. I am just SO thrilled to make a connection with the person I've so often wondered about. That's magical. 💕

With sincere gratitude,