Shipping Policy


Please email, if you have not received your order. Please put the order # in the subject. 

Note: All orders are made to order. Although many orders can ship the same day if not the next day their are exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you purchase overnight shipping or 2-3 day shipping your order may not ship for 1-3 days.  Refunds on shipping will not be applicable if you purchase overnight shipping for items that are made to order. In the event you purchased your items prior to reading our 1-2 day shipping express policy, you may email Tiffany at to request a partial refund on the express shipping if you would like to change the shipping to ground shipping, or 3 day shipping (depending on item). If you do not make a request then the shipping cannot be partially refunded. 

Thank you for understanding! Tiffany

Shipping Times: 

Palo Santo or Copal = 1-7 days depending on item

SuperLoveTees = 2-5 days depending on item

Tarot or Oracle Decks = 1-10 days depending on item

Divine Crystal Jewelry Collection = 1-14 days depending on item

Malas in stock = can be shipped the same day

Custom made malas = 14 - 45 days depending on item

All other jewelry = 3 -14 days depending on item

Mexican Blankets = 1-7 days depending on item

Crystals = 1-7 days depending on item

All other items = 1-14 days depending on item