Randy W.

“Yay! I met Tiffany at her online store; A West Style Story. Via her intuition, Tiffany suggested a couple simple remedies and an awesome  stone to help repel negative energy. Then an in person session with Tiffany was soooo relieving.. her Reiki work was totally mind blowing and masterful as I left feeling renewed as I accepted “all” with a quiet new profound energy. Heaps of gratitude!”




E Keith

At first, I was anxious to meet with a medium, but found my experience with Tiffany to be healing and soothing. She has a very calming energy, and is open and authentic. I appreciate the time I had meeting with her and connecting with my loved ones who passed on; I feel like it helped bring me more closure and peace. I recommend seeking out her services if you are looking to connect with someone on the other side! Have an open mind and come from a loving place. Thank you again Tiffany!


A Love

Tiffany's medium healing was phenomenal. She set up the energy very nicely which allowed me to feel safe and open. She explained how her mediumship abilities worked and it was so cool to hear her process. She then began to bring forward messages from my brother. The messages were beautiful and heart-tugging. We had fun trying to decode a message he insisted on sharing, and it wasn't until later that I realized what he was referencing. There were tears, laughs, and love as she connected me to my brother. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to hear from him again.

B Williams

“Tiffany is absolutely Amazing!” “Tiffany is absolutely Amazing!” She took the time to connect with me and figure out what was going on with my hectic life. I was experiencing electrical surges in my house through our smoke detectors at all hours of the night in different rooms. The batteries were checked, then replaced. Still going off consistently. I felt as if my home was haunted. Stressed out and somewhat scared, Tiffany reassured me everything was going to be ok and connected with me through her guided Theta meditation which lead into a Medium connection, that she explained to me further. She discovered my Great Auntie was trying to communicate with me because she was excited to help my newborn (I was pregnant) cross over! We struck a deal with my Auntie to only communicate during the day and acknowledged her presence. The very next day long behold the smoke detector went off in the middle of the afternoon and then never again after that! Tiffany gave me the strength I needed at the time and loving support to understand, and I am so thankful for her beautiful gift!”



I have known Tiffany for over 20 years. She knew my brother and his family in the earlier years as well. We have spoken on and off for years staying in touch. My brother took his own life over a decade ago leaving a wife and 3 children. Out of the blue Tiffany called and said she couldn’t get my sister in law out of her head for almost 2 weeks with vivid dreams. She wanted to know if her and the kids were okay. I let her know that she passed away 2 weeks prior. She was shocked but not shocked because of the dreams and feelings coming through. She stated that she believed that she was trying to send a message.  I was hesitant to what she was saying but she persisted that we should do a session. We set up a time to do a session a few months later. My brother and sister and law both came thru. Tiffany had no knowledge of the fact that there was some legal issues going on with a family trust. In the session, my sister in law immediately was sending a message insisting that I get my legal documents sorted out immediately. I explained to Tiffany that a family member was trying to squander the inheritance that would be left to myself and my brothers children. I called a lawyer a few days later and was able to get the legal issues sorted out with the trust. Shortly after the legal issues with the trust were taken care of, my mother passed away, and the inheritance went to myself and my niece and nephews. The rightful place. I was shocked that my old friend had this ability unknown to me. I am grateful she persisted and was able to assist me with an extremely difficult issue.


Samantha Barba

Phenomenal & blew my mind! I had an amazing opportunity after the death of my husband. I sat with Tiffany who is skilled and beyond talented in the field of mind and spirit. Through some of my most difficult times after my late husband's passing I realized so much was never said or finalized in my mind with my loved one passed on. Tiffany offered healing through the use of energy work and tapped in to speak to my husband, and she relayed important messages for me and my daughter. I remember how peaceful my mind and heart felt as we journeyed together to seek answers and some closure. A huge weight was lifted. It was comforting to know I had her guiding me and by my side with my daughter. In this moment I knew Tiffany had tapped into something that I couldn’t understand or many would not either. It was a beautiful spiritual journey to the arms of my late love. We exchanged words, hopes, and sorrows as we both understood that this life was not his anymore to hold on to but his soul was at peace. I needed to stay to be the parent and Mother to our children. The woman to my children that they needed. I felt in those moments his words of encouragement and strength come through. I felt his overwhelming proudness of me and that love flame that he still held for me. I’m grateful for our reading. It left me fuller than when I walked in. She passed on information that only I or my daughter would know. And I carry those moments still as it helps resonate the true life that continues even after death. He left hints of how he would show his presence and continues to do so with what he stated. I encourage so many to take the opportunity to sit with Tiffany. Her talents and skills are true from the heart as her passion is bigger than life itself. I’m grateful and will keep this in my Memory book forever. I’ve learned that sharing life experiences is the true meaning of living in my life. So I share with you some of my deepest thoughts and feelings and my testimony of a once in lifetime experience.


 Jodi S.

THE REAL DEAL! I finally decided to book a session with Tiffany and had no idea about what would surface or come out of it. It was a powerful experience that left me with the understanding that our loved ones that have departed are always with us. She was able to connect with my father that I missed dearly as he departed when I was a young girl. He missed so many milestones that I still was holding on to. I had recently had a dream where he came to me and it was a representation of giving me the Father/Daughter dance I didn’t get to experience when I got married. Tiffany was unaware of any of my feelings, or this dream I just experienced. My father came through showing her signs of a music box with a ballerina and he tilted his hat asking for this dance. My heart and soul melted as in that moment I knew he was truly their communicating. There were many other validating things that came through in that session that no one knew but myself. My father and law had also passed on and he also came through with validations. My father passed praise to him for being that father figure I did not have present, and honored him for being there for me. It was one of the trippiest and coolest experiences that I have had the honor to be apart of. She’s the real deal!


Samantha Conboy

Tiffany is an amazing healer. I felt so guided and seen during our session. She is truly gifted. I appreciated her insight and her words still ring in my ears months after our session. She taught me how to muscle test using my own guides which I’ve been doing since our appointment. My teenage daughter also saw her and had a powerful experience. I highly recommend having a session with Tiffany. I can’t wait too go back!


Chris H.
As a frequent recipient of Theta Healing, I am very impressed with Tiffany's thoughtfulness, intuition, and dedication to her patients.  I was fortunate to have two sessions with Tiffany, where she took me through a beautiful and relaxing guided meditation and gave me practical tools to connect with my own higher wisdom.  Tiffany's empathy and post session follow-up are really caring!