Mala ~ Gray Jade Mala adorned with Petite Sandstone Buddha

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Pihu Mala:

Gray Jade Mala adorned with Petite Sandstone Buddha ~ This beautiful mala has been single knotted with silk thread with 216 authentic Jade beads 3mm, handmade by the artist Tiffany Farley. 

Description: Mala with 216 3mm gray Jade beads, adorned with a petite sandstone and antique brass with a framed seated Buddha charm.

This Buddha charm is approximately 10mm wide (about 1/3 inch), 22mm tall (with the integral loop) or slightly less than an inch and 4mm thick.

*This mala was created by artist and Reiki Master Tiffany Farley

This item is sold out and your newly customized Mala will be custom created just for you. Your Mala will be designed to be similar, but not exactly the same. It will take approximately 8 weeks to ship this item to you. If you have any questions about your custom order please email For more information about our gemstone beads and more, please email us