Mala ~ Labradorite Mala with Buddha Pendant

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Saanvi Mala:

Labradorite Mala adorned with Tear drop Buddha Pendant - 6mm round Labradorite beads made with 108 beads + guru bead. This piece was handmade by the artist Tiffany Farley.

Description: Mala adorned with a tear drop Buddha pendant knotted with golden silk thread. Dimensions: 1.3” (32mm) - Height 0.8” (21mm) - Width. The Mala is made with Labradorite 6mm round beads, 108 beads, triple knotted with silk thread.

*Each Exclusive Jewelry piece made by the artist and Reiki Master Tiffany Farley as a one of a kind piece.

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