Copal + Palo Santo Bundles

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Copal + Palo Santo Bundles


"a west style story"

BUNDLES of Copal + Palo Santo  wrapped in Vintage Banana leaf paper

Our Palo Santo is consciously harvested in South America only from the highest and best sources. Burn before and during meditations to call upon creative and powerful energy. The smoke from Palo Santo provides therapeutic benefits that ground your body and mind while raising energetic vibrations to begin a new day. Burn Palo Santo to clear the mind of negative energies and open oneself to love and abundance.

Handmade in Mexico With High Quality Gray Copal Resin. Experience the pure, original aroma of the indigenous Mayan Copal incense. Each pack contains 10 incense sticks Made with 100% pure Copal Resin extracted from trees of the Burseraceae family, using the ancient traditional methods of the Mexican "Copaleros". Each incense stick is hand rolled, it weighs 3 to 4 g, and will burn for up to 2 hours. This exclusive incense is never missing in the spiritual ceremonies of the Mayans. It is considered to be the "bread of the Gods", so it is used as a special offering to God. It is also used for its healing properties, and to purify all persons and things around you and releasing all "Malas Vibras". Fill your space with the aroma of the ancient rituals, bring blessings to your life while enjoying the mystical aroma of Mayan Copal Incense.

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