Lemurian Heart Journal by Danielle Noel

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Lemurian Heart Journal by Danielle Noel

Sweet Lemurian waters, your light flows deep within the chambers of the earth. Your heart is reflected in crystalline pools and turquoise shores.

Tunnels to the ancient stargate echo onward, carving velvety paths for my feet. To remember each step is to remember that dream…

So I approach you like a lover who has waited a thousand years…

Dripping in starlight from the heavens.

Lush blooms of green, violet, and iridescent pearl, perfumed petals and opal gates.

Unfurling shoots and fragrant blossoms greet my palms as I drift through your ancient forest. In the distance, I hear the whispered calls of your living library,

the rising song of life - that Genesis note - plays on like a beautiful tune, forever etched in my heart. 

And I remember. 

This cover shares a mystical gateway imbued with Lemurian motifs - to greet your daily readings with a warm familiarity. It has been designed for all of those who hear the rising call of Lemuria. 

This book includes:

- A buttery soft exterior

- A ribbon to mark your pages

- A full-colour experience

- A sturdy hardcover with beautiful gold foiling on the front and back

- Holographic gilding that shines with rainbow light

- 300 pages - a longer format than most journals - this is designed intentionally, for all of us who love magical grimoires

- Oracle/Tarot spread prompts that can connect to the oracle pages within

- A 9 x 7.25 inch frame

This journal also includes three main pages that can be filled in at your own pace of inspiration and need not follow any chronological order.

Each template is woven together as a warm and supportive container for however your muse travels each day. 

 These include:

- Dotted-lined pages for all of your words, reflections and expressions.

- 6-card oracle/Tarot spread pages for you to fill in with your readings.

- Reflective prompts for when a little direction is desired.

About the love that went into this journal

The guided pages and details of this book have been specially designed with the intention of bringing a passion for journalling into one supportive space - to help awaken your imagination and nourish your dreams.

Throughout the book are also splashes of artwork to colour your senses and soothe your heart. 

This book was also designed with the assistance of my dear friend Awen Sophia Rose. Awen is a brilliant creative director, and she helped map out the technical layout for the formatting of this book. This was a sacred process of co-creation, as we are both devoted journal lovers and intuitive, sensitives.

Note from Creator:

I hope you feel the curated magic imbued throughout these pages, along with new discoveries as you write and reflect.  

With much love,


*This special journal sells out very quickly, I usually ship all orders within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take a 5-10 business days, due to the high demand.