Mala ~ White Turquoise & Rosewood Mala 108 with Buddha Pendant

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Meera Mala:

White Turquoise & Rosewood Mala 108 with Buddha Pendant 

This beautiful white Turquoise mala, is handmade by the artist Tiffany Farley. This piece has been grounded with the final Guru bead made with Rosewood, and adorned with a Buddhist Clay Pendant from Thailand.

Description: Buddha pendant from Thailand attached with White Buffalo Turquoise & Rosewood Mala with round beads 6mm, 108 beads, double knotted with silk thread.

*Each Exclusive Jewelry piece made by the artist and Reiki Master Tiffany Farley as a one of a kind piece. 

If this item is sold out and you would like to custom order one similar to this one please email For more information about our gemstone beads and more, please email us