Youth Guidance

Youth Guidance

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Healing abilities vary from child to child and even from moment to moment. Every human is born with certain abilities, and some stronger than others. Determining whether your child is having a psychic experience can be challenging. Is my child a medium, psychic, or some sort of healer? I can assist your child in developing healthy boundaries with their gifts. It is important to ask them questions and listen to their answers without judging them. As a parent, it can be a mixed bucket of emotions when your child expresses certain psychic abilities. I can assist in the process of bridging a better understanding of where your child is coming from, and be open to the reality that your child may in fact be psychic, medium, or a healer. We can create healthy boundaries for your child and the outer world we live in. 
Children who are more psychically inclined may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics.
1. Empathy: They may appear more empathic and show more care and concern for those around them. This occurs because the child is more tuned in with the thoughts, feelings, and energies of others around.
2. Seeing Loved Ones (no longer living): The child may report perceiving or communicating with loved ones who have already passed away.
3. Perception of Energy: Children who are more psychic are frequently more susceptible to energies you are unaware of. Therefore, the child may be more likely to experience ups and downs based on their surroundings. For example, the child may seem energetic and lively in one setting and then “out of commission” with fatigue or pain (from unknown sources) in another.
4. Flying Dreams/Out-of-Body Experiences/Night Terrors: The child may report having flying dreams and/or leaving their physical body. The child may wake up at night and notify you of perceiving nonphysical places or perceiving nonphysical people in their room. They may wake up screaming and unaware of their surroundings. 
5. Past Life Memory: The child may report having a past life memory where they had another body, a different name, and a different family.
6. Imaginary Friend: The child may engage in conversations alone with an imaginary friend for prolonged periods of time.
The above signs are helpful when used with other factors to determine if your child’s perceptions are more psychic in nature. Some signs above are not solely associated with psychic perceptions.

Disclaimer: Tiffany Farley is not a child psychologist, counselor, or a licensed child therapist. She is trained in a variety of healing modalities. She is a reiki master, Certified in ThetaHealing® completing Basic DNA and Advanced DNA training seminars  in the ThetaHealing® technique, trained in Neurolinguistics, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, and is an Empath. From a young age she had abilities that were suppressed by family members, friends, and society. At a young age, some of this could be challenging and frightening. With years of training and practice, she has embraced her abilities and has the ability to turn them on and off when needed.  Her goal is to help your child to adapt and embrace their abilities rather than suppressing their universal gifts. 


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